Yankee no 

this is a film editorial a warning to you that a dangerous golf is widening between you and millions of your neighbors you are about to see into Latin America through the Viewpoint of the people who shout Yankee no you will hear nothing good about the progress and achievements of the United States or the democracies of South America but what you will see may help you save the U.S position in the Western Hemisphere for this is what the U.S is up against in its own backyard the growing throng of Yankee no people in Latin America in Costa Rica you will meet a Venezuelan Diplomat who is fighting United States policy you will travel to Venezuela with him and see the conditions that generate cries of Yankee no over all the rest of Latin America in Cuba you will see the revolution Through The Eyes of Yankee no people and fiery Latin American students now meet some Yankee no people yes personally admire at least eight years in the United States I admire their internal way of life archaia Jr a Venezuelan student but their external is very lousy Cuban revolutionary Gabrielle and his wife Maria of Caracas Jesus and his wife of Cuba


archaia senior Venezuelan diplomat Roa Cuban foreign minister newlyweds in Havana Ivan a Russian in the Caribbean Fidel of Cuba


these people are caught up in a story that begins in San Jose Costa Rica in Central America at a meeting of the OAS organization of American states


a ceremony before the meeting of 21 republics in which the U.S and Cuba will face a diplomatic Showdown the U.S is after a declaration of San Jose it will condemn Cuba for accepting the offer of a Russian rocket threat against the U.S and will condemn sino-soviet intervention in the Affairs of the Western Hemisphere


at the meeting this man is attacking the U.S Israel Roa of Cuba the man under Fire the United States Christian herder enjoying the attack on herder foreign minister arcaya Venezuela Roa is charging the U.S with economic aggression for cutting Cuba’s sugar quota


can you hear me now


I will repeat Mr chairman during the course of the discussions which took place on this law during the past week I rejected completely and utterly the allegations made in this resolution by the Cuban government I’m going to say no more and we will be glad to have the vote taken on this resolution herter has just asked for a vote on the resolution aimed against Cuba the Declaration of San Jose




to try to weaken the U.S back resolution with amendments the U.S is finding that the Latin Americans refuse flatly to condemn Cuba for accepting the Russian rocket threats against the U.S now archaia is trying to cut out even the resolution’s condemnation of sino-soviet intervention in this hemisphere


eventually I am opposed to DMS it seemed to me for the orderly progression of this meeting that we should try to adopt the entire document as it was reported to us from committee one and reject all amenities


Dr akaya is asking for a vote on his Amendment Mr President


of discussion propounded both in the United States and Venezuela


the vote is taken on archaia’s amendments demote in their favor would remove condemnation of sino-soviet intervention from the Declaration of San Jose a victory for Cuba a serious defeat for herder foreign




we have hadn’t we have not had an echo here or any support I am going with my people and with my people will be leaving the people of Hispanic America Laura walks out shouting defiance


thank you


to me


the meeting continues the defeated archaia refuses to sign the Declaration he appoints another delegate to sign in his Stead others show that they’re less than happy why because the Declaration of San Jose condemns sino-soviet intervention with an implied censure of Cuba and back home millions of Latin Americans are more in sympathy with Cuba than with the United States archaia takes off from Costa Rica for a flight to Caracas Venezuela a country larger than Texas at the top of South America South America is a continent about which tourists and the Yankee know people have diametrically opposite points of view


in Chile the skiing is excellent the people of the Andes are colorful luxurious hotels everywhere the Rio Carnival a great party but the realities facing Dr arcaya in Venezuela The Clash of wealth and poverty the sentiments for revolt and the Yankee no point of view these are also the realities over all the rest of Latin America the crowd waiting at Caracas airport could be gathered in any Latin American country foreign


ERS shout their sympathy for archaia and Cuba but the pro-us government is angry with our kayak their dispute could bring rioting mobs against the government head of archaia’s urd party




room to disembark


Dr archives Swept Away with Dr vialva by their admirers as night falls the brightest lights coming on over Caracas advertise an influence from abroad under them the Caravan is stalled by traffic the leaders have pulled out of their cars by the crowd and urged to march on the palace to Riot against Venezuela’s signing of the Declaration of San Jose refuse the crowd turns on her listen now for an odd sound angry shouts of tridorus as is admirers of an hour ago now chase the Alba through the night calling him a traitor because he will not lead the ride




Caracas troops deploy for trouble in the most spectacularly modern setting in South America






this is a tense morning for foreign minister arcaya later today he will face a personal Showdown with president betancour he could be fired could lead his party out of the Coalition could wind up in the midst of a violent revolution but he doesn’t discuss these things he talks instead of something he thinks we should see the slums on the hillsides of Caracas


people living the most miserable weight


you must go there and take pictures yeah this is my oldest song I think that this should be interesting if he takes you to the hips around the rear aspects of the city the aspect of the misery and poverty you will see around the hill




under the bridges next to fancy buildings swarming up the hillsides that Rim the city the Shacks of an unbelievable slum that riddles all Caracas


without water sewers sanitation of any kind sickness and death take a terrible toll of babies and little children


thank you


the cemeteries like the slums climb the hillsides


no one knows how many people are living and dying in these slums it’s the same all over Latin America population nearly 200 million with birth rates the highest in the world outstripping economic growth and forcing the living standard down and down


these Venezuelans have no streets no addresses no mailboxes no letter could reach them they don’t exist every plot of land is taken over by the Shacks called Ranchos Ranchos grow out of posters signs and packing crates roofed over with paper thin aluminum it’s illegal to build the Shacks but no force of police army or government can hold back the poor whose need for space to live is simply overwhelming


inside the Rancho of the Manzanilla family Gabrielle 34 tamping down the dirt floor his wife Maria 18 mother of two


sometimes electrician’s helper Gabrielle hasn’t worked in five months his desperate problem getting food for his wife and children Venezuela grows a little food that much of it has to be imported at high prices Gabrielle like many of the idol thousands would like to farm Venezuela has a new land reform program but it’s too pitifully small ever to reach Gabrielle


twice before rainstorms have washed Gabrielle’s Rancho away


pensham at the presidential Palace behind closed doors arcaya is having his Showdown with President Bettencourt


do you have anything to announcement do you have anything to announce about your discussion yes I have a cold yard excuse me if I give this the pardon the Venezuelan reporters for speaking in English very interesting and cordial talk Mr President and he decide accordance with me my resolution that I will not continue Foreign


Relations archaia has been fired for supporting Cuba in defiance of his president but his party will not leave the Coalition the riots will not begin Gabrielle scolds his son for walking around with one she won and one shoe off he sprinkles water on the floor to hold the dirt down


Gabrielle talks to a friend that is despair


August September October November it’s been four months since I’ve had it look things have to go forward not backwards but besides you work for morning tonight and then you’re miserable for pennies are gone and the trouble is we’re still paying the money lenders


on Monday I’ll try again


I talked to today was about my back pay isn’t the one who really understands our problem he’s a beast you can’t even get a drop of water from here not a drop of water and I have to take food to the family and I have nothing I can’t even get crumbs because I’m cleaned out oh yeah


you are just about the richest countries in Latin America but I have more than half of the population believe in unhuman sharks and they’re barely make it it’s a Burly condition in the richest country in Latin America now I agree we have worked together to find Better Living for these people but these people that’s what I mean we call it the United States have to treat them different sort of the different problems that they face in their life the United States government because you go up to a ranch right now as you say I am an American and they see you with some research they could demonstrate against America Jr and three other Caracas University students argue views typical of the new generation about to enter Latin American business and government or against the government I mean let’s say I’m let’s say I’m a North American who has never been to South America let’s say I’ve got the high school and in high school I learned that in Venezuela there is oil in Colombia there’s emeralds and perhaps in Argentina there is me and that’s all I can remember I don’t know really where they are and then I go to college and I major in engineering and I forget all about Latin America then some Senator comes and says more Aid to Latin America and at the same time I pick up the newspaper and I say and I see that this character bearded character says down with the Yankees what am I to think should I say my my taxes to the United States to weigh these countries to hate me anyway the revolution is needed in Latin America because there’s no other way of helping the poor people I think this this is the basic mistake of this revolution the good guys against the bad guys that that that when that was was uh Teenage westerns no but that’s that’s not it that’s a that’s a typical face of a revolution that happened in the Serbian Revolution and the Communist Revolution in the Mexican Revolution and the Bolivian Revolution


from one end to the other Latin America has just been swept by political revolution inspired by U.S ideals of democracy eight dictators toppled in six years but at the same time pictures like this a U.S emissary’s hug for dictator Perron fueled growing anti-americanism with charges that the U.S backed dictators in Brazil a U.S present for strongman Vargas in Colombia a gift from the United States for dictator Rojas panea in Venezuela an American medal for dictator Perez Jimenez now Latin America is heading into another kind of Revolution economic Revolution with Russia bidding to supply the ideals Cuba is the Spearhead now to Cuba for a Latin view of the Revolution during its build up for a protest against the Declaration of San Jose




the Cuban Revolution is mobilizing the women peasants and workers into a huge militia supplied with arms from the Soviet block impressing the country with military discipline telling everyone to prepare for Invasion from the U.S a subject on which Latin American students voice some strong opinions


that the United States marches right into Cuba with its 3 000 Marines okay and Russia starts sending Rockets yeah okay two interviews okay the United States intervened in Cuba so doesn’t the OAS have it’s it’s uh in its Charter what it could what it does to people who entered who won American Nation intervening in their first Latin America going to put economic sanctions in the United States


sure we can put more attention I can stand up and I can cry for the Cuban people that are being Massacre but how am I going to help them


I’m sorry I I firmly believe that history will prove that the United States has kept every treaty that has never committed itself but no okay






side where peasants and fishermen have always lived in thatched huts and unchanging poverty change is now abroad not for all to enjoy but for all to see


this is Jesus marero fisherman


this is his home less than 100 miles across the water from Florida this is his wife who cooks on an open wood fire


there’s no chimney to carry the smoke through the roof


seven children to feed seven bodies to sleep in just one room this is a big day in Hazel’s life he’s delighted with a revolution doesn’t want anything to interfere with what is about to happen to him


I’d give a million for there not to be any what do we need elections for so that if you can go on living as they were before now things are in our favor all those big people who have power and things now they’re smashed and alone and Kicking


yeah the truth is that those houses we never in our whole life thought we would live in one of those houses not even in a dream


for that Hayes’s mother-in-law is worried about one thing I I prefer this one because my furniture isn’t going to be good enough for that fine house it discouraged me because my little Furniture is old and bad and to put it in that fine house seems to me a bad thing




Jesus is moving into a government-built house part of a fishing Cooperative that has taken over his business he is being collectivized to most Americans he would seem to be giving up his freedom to the state Mr Jesus it seems the other way around and to millions of other Latin Americans what is happening to Jesus is an inspiring dream for the future


thank you


thank you guys are here


yeah yeah


what’s up


in Havana the revolution reaches into the lives of David Leon and Anna Martin they’re on their way to be married free a service now supplied by the state to thousands of Cubans living unmarried under common law Mass marriages reflect the puritanical side of the Revolution and the drive to organize Society


thank you


the bride eagerly leads the groom down the aisle


State the Minister of Justice


the signing will complete the marriage but David doesn’t seem to be in a hurry


takes no time at all


a baby objects to his parents wedding


this is an educated man his business has been intervened by the revolution he’s a member of the small very wealthy upper class which are Kaya Jr with revolutionary hatred calls the oligarchy


unworthy and bad class they are friends of people they take all they can from them so you’re you’re again you’re for throwing out the oligarchy yes so totally wiping out the other gifts the oligarchy cannot provide anything positive towards a contract as a group


The People




economy is being maintained by the people with help from a friend this is a Russian tanker without the oil it’s pumping into Havana the economy would collapse overnight Castro has disrupted his tourist and sugar trades grabbed all Industries and fired the professionals who know how to run them but many other Latin Americans seem less impressed by the economic chaos than the aid from abroad and the friendly looking Russians and Chinese turning up in their own countries I want all for the Russian no American


for the Russian yes


a Soviet Seaman gives up on English don’t arrived from Batumi on the two Havana with a mission of friendship our country it stands friendship and health to Cuban people who have won their independence from aggressors our crew is very happy with this mission


our crew is very happy about this mission that we have the honor to bring this Aid this friendship to the Cuban people who are now in the state of blockade who only want independence and nice life so that their people live independently and well that that’s what they strive for that’s all


now the revolution is going to Stage a show a gigantic protest against the Declaration of San Jose throughout the provinces peasants workers and children are whipped up in preparation for a monster meeting to be held in Havana








thank you


Del Castro who often looks like a raving madman to North Americans is viewed by millions of Latin Americans as a kind of Messiah now you’ll see him at his Messianic best


a few months ago he called for volunteer teachers to go out into the country’s side and wipe out illiteracy the hall is filled with 1400 volunteers back from a training period in the mountains to receive their diplomas from the hand of Fidel himself


the next speaker is introduced Armando Hearts he is Minister of Education one of the youngest ministers in the government of men mostly under 35 and one of Fidel Castro’s great favorites




to those who went to San Jose Costa Rica


those who went there and said that in our country there was no freedom and no democracy


as an answer to them


a group of 1400 teachers and professors came down from the hills


they have come here to be graduated being happy and they come here to show once again their Devotion to their country


what country in Latin America can achieve


so Noble an effort from its people 1400 voluntary teachers foreign


thank you


thank you people




congratulates the teachers then launches an attack on the United States the OAS and the Declaration of San Jose he exhorts the audience to attend a gigantic rally to be held in Havana’s Plaza civica foreign


what’s Fidel got that the Americans don’t know what to do about it


dictator and they should all be hung the same way that Mussolini ended up yeah


this government is no good because they go to jail because they’re in this revolution now and you think that they can’t permit that


thank you




it is


the monster rally to protest the Declaration of San Jose one million Cubans gathered in Havana’s Plaza sivika


when Kestrel came to power he promised elections in 18 months but now he has a new idea this crowd he calls the general assembly and its shouts will substitute for elections Congress and Judiciary in his new democracy but also see this the Messiah the passions he unleashes and the people he’s involved in the humble these brothers throughout the rest of Latin America live in voiceless poverty




democracy cannot consist solely in the exercise of the electoral vote which is almost always fictitious


and is manipulated by landowners and professional politicians but in the right of the citizens to decide as this


assembly of the Cuban people is now doing to decide their own destinies


Jesus Christopher to me that the gift of Heaven to the people of Cuba so then he should hold an election when I say welcome see I told you I was going to win anyway


Castro has just recognized red China now his attack on the Declaration of San Jose with a colored Declaration of Havana


Declaration of Havana


the national general assembly of the people of Cuba first


Declaration of San Jose Costa Rica in all its terms this document was dictated by North American imperialism and there’s a threat to the self-determination sovereignty and dignity of the Brother people of this continent


therefore the assembly declares before America and the world


grateful for and accepts the help of Soviet Rockets should Cuban territory be invaded by military forces from the United States foreign


America the right of the people to convert military bases into schools to arm The Peasants the workers




the Negro the Indian


the woman


for you


and the Agents


that we are really free and sovereign


and we have learned to say no


thank you and now there’s one more thing what shall we do with the Declaration of San Jose


you’re tear it up




Castro’s voice is heard all over Latin America in the slums of Rio De Janeiro in the slums of Buenos Aires in the slums of Lima


in the slums of Panama vast and rapid changes are inevitable they’ve already started with an anti-American Messiah Soviet help and communist infiltration in Latin America these changes will sweep the rest of Latin America either violently with communist help or peacefully under the present democratic governments this is a life and death challenge to the United States can you hear me the Hostile Latin America could sabotage the U.S position in the Western Hemisphere and weaken it around the world but the U.S still has friends in Latin America the Democratic Leadership is friendly the U.S is aiding their governments towards social reform and their economists know that hope for a breakthrough lies in partnership with U.S Finance tools and know-how but these forces for Freedom are not enough against the easy Promises of Communism and the impatience of angry masses the Stark truth is that the forces for Democratic development are starting late and against perilous odds the cry Yankee no is a cry for help a cry of warning A Cry For You Yankee to care about your neighbors You Yankee must be prepared to follow through with understanding effort and dollars to act quickly and strongly in their behalf your own behalf and on behalf of freedom in the world






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